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Friday, July 15, 2011

How you know you've arrived

So, I was on the Bloggess's website, trying to learn how to be funny, when I noticed that she has her own postage stamp. It is not of a giant metal chicken... although it should be.

It is of a creepy Santa.

Ok, not really. But what a freakin' creepy postage stamp. If I got a Christmas card with that on it, I'd burn it without even opening it.

Okay... so here it is really.

Pretty slick. That's how you know you are all that...when you have your own postage stamp. Like Audrey Hepburn... or Ghandi.

Okay, not really, because anyone can have their own postage stamp. I know, because I checked. It costs, like, four times what a postage stamps costs regularly,but it can be had. And if you're the shizzit, shouldn't you have a postage stamp that costs $1.67?

Yes, yes you should. Although I can never be quite as outrageously funny as the Bloggess, I can have a postage stamp. And this is what it will look like:

I bet you can't wait to get mail with that on it!