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Monday, May 2, 2011

Jack Black in a Speedo

Yeah, that's me.

Well, not the photo. Nor is it Jack Black. But it is still effing hilarious.

But I would be Jack Black if he were a girl, and wrote a self-published novel.

Actually, I shouldn't disparage Jack Black because he is probably a very competent person. But, as he is not on my friend list, I can only go from his cinematic performances and on those, he is a boob.

I have spent my weekend finding, or being informed of, errors in my novel. I suppose that is the pitfall of the self-published author. And, certainly, I have found plenty of errors in self-published ebooks I have read. I have also found a ton of errors in real books that were published by a publisher. So... how big of a deal is this?

Well, it's pretty embarrassing. That is for sure. Fortunately, with epublishing, you can fix your errors and upload a new file. So I am on that. But still... what a boob I am.

Pardee out.

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