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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Star is Born

Ladies and Gentleman! 

After 14 months of hard labor, I would like to welcome into the literary world:


A one pound, zero ounce sexy paranormal thriller!

Ok, it wasn't really hard labor.  Writing it was mostly heaps of fun.  The publishing part qualified as hard labor but, fortunately, that was just a weekend, not 14 months.  

And I don't really know how much the paperback version weighs since I don't have one in hand yet. But it's going to have a healthy heft to it. 

What's it about, you ask?  Well, let me give you an excerpt: 

A hand, massive and rough with callouses, closed over my mouth, dragging me back into an inescapable embrace. My heart pounded in my ears as I struggled to draw breath through the cracks of his fingers—and in that moment I knew I was screwed.
Careless. Stupid and careless to walk alone at night. Just because I hadn’t heard of an abduction in recent weeks didn’t mean they had stopped.
And here I was … the next victim. Well done, Carla.
Now what?
None of the other victims had been killed, so I had that going for me. But whatever was done to them, they’d come back altered and not in the expected way. According to the papers, their transformation was unusual … whatever that meant. What could this dark presence do to me that would change me like that?
I was about to find out, that was for sure. And I was utterly and completely terrified. Also, I was more than a little bit turned on.
How messed up was that?