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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What in the frak is this?

So, I am washing my daughter's sheets... cause it has been the requisite six months...and, in order to do that, I have to unearth them from under eight million stuffed animals. And as I am wading through stuffed animals, it occurs to me that if we had the money that we had spent on all these stuffed animals, we'd have, like eight million dollars. What kind of idiots invest in stuffed animals?

On the other hand, crooked fund managers and banks have not squandered our hard won stuffed animal savings. Best put the beanie babies back in the safety deposit box.

That said, none of the stuffed animals look anything like this critter. Who is, of course, a double-anusodile.

Friday, November 4, 2011

When you gotta go...

Yesterday, I was driving out of the mall parking lot when I noticed this man, peeing in the trees on the side of the parking lot. As I drove by, he looked right at me as if he wanted to be noticed. And, considering how sparse the trees were, how could he not. I would have given a lot to take a photo of him to post on my blog, but, of course, I was driving. What struck me as ludicrous was that he was peeing in the mall parking lot when there are probably 10 different bathrooms in the Mall, a few short feet away. And it was 40 degrees out so who wants to whip it out in that?

Anyway, if you are at the Silverdale Mall, watch out for creepy pee man.