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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Number... One... Dad

It's Go-Time, Butter Bean!

So, everyone who knows my dad knows that he is a wonderful, kind man. He also happens to be a great father.

But this is about the other father in my life-- the father of my children.

And he is way hotter than Morty Seinfeld here. Sorry Morty.

I could list all the ways that Roy is a fantastic husband and father... but you know what a great father looks like. We are very lucky to have him, that's for sure.

My purpose here is to praise Roy as a partner in publishing crime. I really couldn't have put together and published my book(s) without Roy. He was my first sounding board, he was/is an excellent editor. He is tech support for the random crash and his hours of assistance formatting files for e-publishing or for hard copy have been indispensable. But where he really, really pulled my bootie out of the fire was with cover design. He is a man of many skills and can make garbage look beautiful. I feel like I have learned a lot about cover design since the first book, but I still hope he will help me beautify the second cover, because no one does it like he does.

So, thank you Roy, for being a the World's Greatest husband and father. But thank you ,as well, for all your help with my silly little writing project. It would be nowhere without you.

Happy Father's Day, Honey.

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  1. Awww--I'm getting verklempt over here... Thanks Love. As usual--you do all the hard work.