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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How do you like your books: Virtual or Actual?

I can't decide if this picture is creepy or just awesome.

But I digress. So my mother thinks that I should run a bunch of hard copies of my book to sell. How I should sell them, I'm not sure. Door to door with them in a big suitcase? On the street corner, while wearing a banana suit?

Keep in mind that my mother also thinks that the Point Defiance Zoo has a wooly mammoth and that the YMCA doesn't allow women. So she is living in a different world.

This does present a quandry to me, though. I thought that epublishing was the greatest because it was free and instanteous. But so many of my friends don't have access to ebook technology. And that makes me wonder how big of an audience I am missing by just epublishing. Nooks and Kindle sales are growing but lots of people don't have them yet.

But if I made a hundred copies of my book, how would I get them out of my garage? And if someone ordered one, I'd have to go to the post office. I hate the post office.

I don't have an answer to this. Perhaps I am just too lazy for this option. But I do know that virtual or actual, hot guys from the books you read, possibly Edward Cullen or the guy with the abs, will come out of the page and give you a hug.Link


  1. Amazon has a print on demand function. They will print and bind your book for the person who orders it. You can ask Ron for more details if you you're interested.

  2. I think I'm doing that with createspace. It's through Amazon so I bet it's what you are referring to.