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Monday, June 4, 2012

Because Moo

This post was supposed to be titled, The Query Process, which is a good and proper title for a writing blog and is appropriate since that is what this post was going to be about. But then I started thinking about all the things I needed to do instead of writing a blog editing my query, and editing my book, and starting the next book and writing a play, and prepping for a Quidditch game, and I have a 5th grade reading group in a half hour and cleaning this house up and swimming, because "moo."

And there you have it. The blog title. Moo.

Anyway, I need to talk about the query, since I am writing one. Or editing one. Or getting really frustrated with one. And my friends are tired of hearing about it. So, I must write to the universe about it. Because the universe's eyes never glaze over when I talk. I think.

Here's the sordid tale. I write the query...which is basically a two paragraph summary of the book but with wit and spark and pizzazz and that special something that makes agents stand up and shout, "Hell Yes!" And after I write it, I read it over and say, "bleah" and I go to the internet and read queries by successful authors. And after every one I sit up and exclaim, I want to read that book! Because it is an incredible query and, likely, an incredible book. Then I go back to my query and it sounds like a steaming pile of boring crap. Which leads me to reflect that, compared to the brilliance of my examples, my book is probably a steaming pile of stupid drivel and why am I trying to get it published in the first place?

This could lead down the spiral of self-loathing, but, since I read mainstream fiction, I know that there are heaps and heaps of steaming piles of crap on the bookstore shelves. And my book isn't even that crappy. Actually, it's pretty good. So...I'm back to writing a query. but I can't say, "my book is as good as any of the terrible stuff you've already published," because that's a one way ticket to the cyber garbage can

So, I guess what I really need is a website with queries from mediocre books that were published.

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