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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Mannequins of Bellevue Square

You know, like the Bridges of Madison County.

Today was our annual shopping trip to Bellevue Square. I can't say that we found a lot worth buying... but we certainly enjoyed the mannequins.

As you can see, we really liked this particular mannequin. Mostly, we wanted to sit on the couch and her lazy, half-naked ass was in the way.

My daughters were highly offended by this mannequin's thong... which you can't see. Obviously, a photo of that would be in extremely bad taste.

This one is just creepy. Wish I had a see through waist. I also wish I had had the guts to go into that chi-chi store and take a photo of my kids with the green mannequins. But, as you know, I was wearing ripped shorts so, 'nuff said.

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