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Friday, April 29, 2011

Also the search for the cover

Ok, I'm not very good at this. The picture of the cover was supposed to appear with the post.


So, anyway, I have spent much of the last 24 hours searching for the cover for book 2, Star-crossed: Journeys. ( I have read on the web that to promote your book you should mention the title as much as you can, anywhere you can, so you can expect every other word in this blog to be Star-crossed: Secrets or Star-crossed: Journeys... I already am making myself want to puke)

Ok, so the "cover" story. I am trying to find an artsy cover along the lines of my first cover for the second book and, to make matters more difficult, it muse be a picture taken by me... or I get sued. A tall order. I love the photo that I just posted... somewhere... and had worked it up as a cover. But really, it belongs on a religious manifesto, or Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy. Sigh. So I am back to the drawing board.

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  1. I might be able to help you out. I have quite a few amazing photographs (if I do say so myself). I'd be happy to give you permission to use one for a thank you blurb!

    Let's find a Monday when we're both available. You'll need a LOT of time!